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Details Frameworks-for-IT-Management-A-Pocket-Guide-ITSM-Library

Frameworks for IT Management This pocket guide covers all the major frameworks and standards used by IT managers internationally. Indispensable for student and experienced practitioner alike, it provides a key reference source not only on each ...

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Details Metrics-for-IT-Service-Management-ITSM-Library-Best-practice

Metrics for IT Service Management Considers the design and implementation of metrics in service organizations using industry standard frameworks. This book uses the ITIL process structure and many principles from the ITIL and ISO20000 (BS15000) as a ...

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Details IT-Governance-based-on-CobiT-41-A-Management-Guide-ITSM-Library

IT Governance Based on COBIT 4.1 For business and IT (service) managers, consultants, auditors and anyone interested in the possible application of IT governance standards in the IT management domain. It also provides students in IT and Business ...